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Vintage Nine Drawer Storage Chest

Vintage 9 Drawer Storage ChestOur office is in a century old farm house and it seems like it is in a constant state of restoration and redecoration and so, we are always on the lookout for vintage looking furniture to compliment it. This Nine Drawer Storage Chest ($180 USD) from Graham and Green is perfect for all those things that don’t seem to have a place. This chest features nine drawers each numbered in italic. This has definitely made it on to our “must-have” list!

Photo Hanger Clips

Photo Hanger ClipsEveryone has shoe boxes in their closet, full of pictures from vacations, road trips, and probably a family reunion or two, never to see the light of day. We came across these adorable Photo Hanger Clips ($10 USD) that make it so easy to finally display some of those photos. These miniature hangers act like paper clips, so just slip your photos into them, grab a couple pins, some string and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to finally display those forgotten photos.


Leaf-it!Goodbye ugly Post-It notes! Say hello to Leaf-It’s ($6 USD), leave a message, use them as bookmarks or decorate your workspace. Leaf-It’s are available in green and brown and are fully recyclable. (via the always lovely swissmiss)

Morris Memo Holder

Morris Memo HolderWho doesn’t need more ways to stay organized and on task? This super cute Morris Memo Holder ($12 USD) designed by Yaacov Kaufman does just that. Morris stores your blank memos then holds your note in his teeth to remind you what you should be doing! (via Pinterest)

Naoto Yoshida – WrapWrap

Naoto Yoshida - WrapWrapWe love all our gadgets, but it seems like our wires are always getting tangled – soooo frustrating! Luckily we found Naoto Yoshida’s ingenious WrapWrap wire management system ($17 USD). WrapWrap is designed to keep all of your small wires (e.g. iPod, iPhone or phone chargers) in check and neatly organized. Made from scrap wood salvaged from furniture manufactures, this organizer cuts down on excess in more than one way.