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Leaf-it!Goodbye ugly Post-It notes! Say hello to Leaf-It’s ($6 USD), leave a message, use them as bookmarks or decorate your workspace. Leaf-It’s are available in green and brown and are fully recyclable. (via the always lovely swissmiss)

Morris Memo Holder

Morris Memo HolderWho doesn’t need more ways to stay organized and on task? This super cute Morris Memo Holder ($12 USD) designed by Yaacov Kaufman does just that. Morris stores your blank memos then holds your note in his teeth to remind you what you should be doing! (via Pinterest)

SusyJack – Arrow Clips

Susy Jack - Arrow Paper ClipsSusyJack Contemporary Paper has so many cute items and as you know we are suckers for paper goods! These Arrow Clips ($5.50 USD) caught our eye and are the perfect way to keep all those stacks of paper organized. The clips come in sets of 5 with your choice of four colors: blue, green, red and black. Clip away!

Linda & Harriett 2010 Calendar

Linda and Harriett 2010 CalendarThe other day we received a package in the mail and inside was the beautiful Linda & Harriett 2010 letterpress calendar ($30 USD). This calendar offers more then gorgeous printing and whimsical illustrations for each month – but as a subtle reminder to write more letters on the back of each month is a post card for easy cutting, writing, and sending. We aren’t even going to wait until January rolls around to hang this calendar up in our office. [Thanks, Connie!]

Bluelounge – StudioDesk

Bluelounge - StudioDeskSo lately it seems like we’ve been growing like a weed and are in need of more office space, and that means more office furniture like this StudioDesk ($599 USD) from Bluelounge. The StudioDesk is specifically designed for laptop users (us!) and has a ton of nice features like the hidden storage compartment that hides your power-strip, USB hub, external hard drives, routers, and more, and the beauty of it all is that only a single power cord will exit the desk so you stay clutter-free and connected! The desk has mahogany legs and details and a durable white laminate for the desktop surface and storage compartment.