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Lauren Haupt – Convex Trio Necklace

Lauren Hapt - Convex TrioThis Convex Trio Necklace ($34 USD) is a perfect example of the simple contemporary style that is captured by Lauren Haupt. Three convex ovals hang from a 16” chain and are fashioned from sterling silver. Haupt adds a discreet twist by oxidizing one of the three oval pieces. This delicate necklace adds understated class to any look.

Plum & Sage – Stardust Necklace

Plum & Sage - Stardust NecklaceIndie artist, Andrea Bonelli, is the designer behind Plum & Sage and her hand-forged jewelry have us completely captivated. The Stardust Necklace ($50 USD) is one of our favorites from her latest collection. In oxidized sterling silver and an adorable cup shape, this necklace will definitely be found around our necks, just as soon as the package arrives in the mail!

Simone Walsh – Picture Frame Pendant

Simone Walsh - Picture Frame PendantWe got an email the other day from the talented Simone Walsh from Australia, to let us know about her new Victorian inspired collection. We were particularily enamoured with this hand-cut Picture Frame Pendant ($72 USD) made from sterling silver. The center of the rectangular frame is left empty, allowing your skin or clothing to show through the cut-out sections of the pendant.

Kyoko Hashimoto – Necklace

Kyoko Hashimoto - Reversible NecklaceKyoko Hashimoto from Australia has to be one of our favorite jewelry designers, and considering her recently released Bowerbird Collection, we are pretty sure she’ll be a favorite for years to come. It was pretty hard to decide what piece to feature, but we finally settled on this luxe reversible necklace ($136 USD) – with shiny black acrylic on one side and wood on the other – this necklace is hand-cut and finished with oxidized sterling silver.

Pyrrha – Friendship Necklace

PYRRHA - Friendship NecklaceWe love Pyrrha’s entire collection. Cast from authentic 19th century wax seals, each piece is historic, beautiful, and full of meaning. At the moment, our favorite is the Wings of Friendship pendant (US $119). The seal reads, “May the Wings of Friendship Never Lose a Feather” making it the perfect gift for any BFF on your list.