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Magpie & Rye – Wing Pin

Magpie & Rye - Wing PinWe love flora & fauna so naturally we were drawn to these beautiful Wing Pins ($90 USD) made from naturally molted feathers, and each one being unique is just another reason why these pins are the perfect accessory.

Elde – Grey Hand knit Neckwarmer

Elde - Grey Hand Knitted NeckwarmerHand knit, adorable, versatile, and most of all warm, this grey hand knit 100% wool, Neckwarmer ($48 USD) by Elde will look great with your fall/winter wardrobe and will provide protection for all that cold weather that is sure to come.

Dekkori – Disposition Wrap

Dekkori - Disposition Wrap We could hardly contain our excitement when we discovered the Disposition Wrap from Dekkori ($56 USD). Your favorite pair of shoes receive an instant make-over from this genuine leather strap with its adjustable ankle buckle. As the styling tip states: wrap and drape the disposition inside or outside shoe as well as under or around heel for multiple styling options. So luxe!

Thief and Bandit – Leather Feather Headband

Thief and Bandit - Leather Feather Headband If you’re like us, you always have your eye out for stylish hair accessories. This Leather Feather Headband from Thief and Bandit ($24 USD) will give your coif a much needed update. We love the natural inspiration of this headband with its feather shape and leather construction. Each piece from Thief and Bandit is handmade making it unique and a limited edition.

Ora Ito’s The Hub

Ora Ito's The Hub
We are completely against fugly tech accessories, so thank goodness for The Hub ($90 USD) designed by Ora Ito. This beauty might possibly be the most luxe high-tech accessory ever featured on I HEART LUXE. Made out of white glossy polycarbonate, and designed to work wtih Mac or PC, it provides 4 USB ports, 2 FireWire ports, along with a USB Fan, USB Light, and a USB extension cable. This is hot.