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Dyson Groom

Dyson Groom So we realize this isn’t a typical post but you know how we love our dogs! It seems like we are always cleaning up loose hair from our dog, so we love the convenience of the new Dyson Groom tool ($70 USD). This ingenious vacuum attachment removes loose hair directly from your dog before it’s shed around the home. Considering dog hair finds its way to the craziest places, we welcome this vacuum-assisted grooming tool and think you will too!

Camilla Wellton – Minerva Coat

Camilla Wellton - Minerva CoatWe heart Camilla Wellton and her unique aesthetic; we were torn on what to feature but since it still is winter we decided on this gorgeous Minerva Coat ($840 USD). Her work, almost couture in nature is inspired by greek mythology, made to order and features organic patterns on the sides + back and the elegant hood is easily converted to a dramatic collar. Love, Love, Love.

byAMT – Clé USB Key Drive

byAMT - Clé USB Key DriveThis weekend we featured the byAMT Clé USB Key Drive in our newsletter and thought we should share it here on the blog as well. The description reads; The Key to love, success and all your photos, files and music. We heart the bright colors, vintage key silhouette plus it comes in beautiful letterpress packaging.

Bird Alarm Clock

&Design Bird Alarm ClockWho wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of birds chirping? We’re pretty sure that’s exactly what the designers of this Bird Alarm Clock ($40 USD) were thinking! This adorable little clock features an alarm with the choice of sounds of birds chirping, or a mechanical beep, a calendar and of course a snooze button. Stand it on your bedside table or hang it on the wall by your bed. Chirp chirp!

Vintage Nine Drawer Storage Chest

Vintage 9 Drawer Storage ChestOur office is in a century old farm house and it seems like it is in a constant state of restoration and redecoration and so, we are always on the lookout for vintage looking furniture to compliment it. This Nine Drawer Storage Chest ($180 USD) from Graham and Green is perfect for all those things that don’t seem to have a place. This chest features nine drawers each numbered in italic. This has definitely made it on to our “must-have” list!