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THOUT UtiliTILE – Forked Up

THOUT UtiliTILESince most of us here at IHL are canadian, we always love it when we can feature the product of a canadian company or designer. Ideal for small-space living this THOUT UtiliTILE Forked Up ($300 USD) is part of a series of simple-to-mount elegantly lacquered wall tiles, this tile is useful for storing your utensils in a fun and space saving way, as if hurled into the wall by a knife thrower. THOUT makes us proud to be canadian!

Jozeph Forakis – Kitchen Tape Timer

Lately it seems we’ve been spending more time in the kitchen, and when our old timer bit the dust, we went out searching for a replacement, and came across this Kitchen Tape Timer ($18 USD) designed by Jozeph Forakis, simply pull the ring to set the time, and as time passes, the tape ticks down, and when no tape is left, the timer rings. We love the fresh take on this kitchen essential.

Freepeople – Eyelet Pop Flower Cinch Bag

Summer is near, and we think this Eyelet Pop Flower Cinch Bag ($128 USD) from Freepeople is just the thing for a weekend on the beach at your summer cottage. We love the detail of this woven bag, and its patterned eyelet overlay. This bag is the perfect size, just big enough for your beach essentials.

Damian Evans – Index Chopping Boards

These smart and sanitary four color-coded Index Chopping Boards ($85 USD) by Damian Evans are designed to avoid cross-contamination of various food types: red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, green/vegetables. The boards are dishwasher safe, and come with a sturdy horizontal filing unit, that features a non-slip rubber bottom. It’s easy and stylish to protect yourself and your family from cross-contamination.

Tivi – White Coneflower Wood and Silkscreen Bracelet

Tivi - White Coneflower Wood and Silkscreen BraceletWe all love truly unique things, and this White Coneflower Wood and Silkscreen Bracelet ($70 USD) from Tivi is no exception. Designed out of ebony, zebrawood, or birch, each cuff is a piece of art for your wrist. The handwork that goes into the creation of these bracelets ensures that no two cuffs are exactly alike. All the more reason to buy more then one!